Elevate your Life: Empowering Women's Retreats for Mind, Body & Soul Abundance

Unlock your Potential and Recharge in a Haven of Wellness, Connection and Growth


Discovering Empowerment Amidst Nature's Splendor

Welcome to Pure Abundance Retreat™, a spiritual haven founded in 2018 by Patrina Wisdom. Our intimate retreats offer more than just a place to relax; we provide a truly eclectic experience that combines the best of adventure, creativity, and self-discovery. 

Pure Abundance Retreat™ is a space where women can feel safe to show up during a time of transition, feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, stagnant, or even broken, and leave feeling energized, re-imagined, and as the most powerful and abundant version of themselves.

"Embrace the journey of self-discovery, for within you lies the power to create your own abundant reality."


Nurturing Abundance: Our Mission is to Elevate Self-Care and Soul-Care

At Pure Abundance Retreat™, we believe that prioritizing and scheduling self-care and soul-care is the key to living a fulfilling life. We are devoted to the transformative power of self-care. Our mission is to create a nurturing haven where women can intentionally focus on themselves in a fast-paced world. Through luxurious spaces and transformative experiences, we empower women to reconnect, access new depths, and manifest their dreams.

Unlocking Your Inner Transformation with

Immersive Retreat Experiences

Yoga and Meditation

Wellness Workshops

Healthy Cusine

Nature Retreats


Discover the Pure Abundance Retreat™ Difference

At Pure Abundance Retreat™, we're not your typical destination retreat. Our aim goes beyond offering a mere vacation; we provide a profound week of healing and expansion. Our approach is unique and integrated, encompassing spirituality, meditation, self-discovery, and growth activities.

We understand that every woman, with her distinct cultural and personal background, faces her own set of unique challenges. Our commitment is unwavering – we create a space that is safe, inclusive, and welcoming for all high-achieving women. Because everyone deserves the chance to be nurtured and held within a community, particularly during times of transition or burnout. Our retreat empowers each attendee to depart feeling re-energized, re-imagined, and ready to embrace their most empowered and abundant self.


Meet people. Get grounded. Get free

Our retreats are meticulously planned, with an intentionally limited attendance of just 10 participants per retreat. This enables us to tailor each journey to fulfill the unique intentions of every attendee, ensuring they achieve the transformation they anticipated from the retreat experience. This personalized approach guarantees that each participant receives the individualized attention necessary to achieve their desired outcomes.

  1. 1
    Women experiencing the pain of stagnation. Ready to break through their upper limit and level up.
  2. 2
    High achieving women in transition (forced or voluntary) who from the outside looking in have everything but they lack fulfillment and natural joy. They feel stuck and want to prioritize self care, reconnect, realign, and reimagine their lives to create a life of embodied abundance.
  3. 3

    Women who are ready to remember and reconnect with who they really are (absent of other people's expectations of them), be witnessed, held and honored, expand their life vision and their capacity to receive unlimited abundance, and gain a support community that will support and celebrate them long after their retreat experience ends.


Relive the Magic of Past Pure Abundance Retreats

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