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Magali Lamourelle

I chose Pure Abundance Retreat because I was craving a break from the chaos of everyday life and a chance to reconnect with myself and other like-minded women. Before the retreat, I was struggling with maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I found myself pouring all my energy into my job and not leaving enough time for self-care and reflection, which was taking a toll on me. Coming to the retreat, my goal was to learn how to manage my time more efficiently and refocus my energy on the things that truly matter.

Emily Blake

Pure Abundance Retreat brought adventure, personal growth, and lots of fun. It shifted my focus from business to creating a loving family. Grateful for the community and transformative experience. Join for connection, opportunity, and transformation.

Lisa Francis

The Pure Abundance Women’s Retreat in Belize was an experience of a Lifetime and my life is forever changed. 6 months ago, I plunged out of my comfort zone and joined an amazing group of women whom I never met for an Adventure in the Belizean Jungle. Belize has never been a destination on my bucket list but I am forever grateful for the opportunity to experience its beautiful, rugged, unique landscape and culture. 

Godess Nar

I've been journaling about abundance for what feels like forever. Every other paragraph in my journals is about it—abundance in finances, emotions, thoughts, family, and finding a life partner. That's been my journey.

Before the retreat, my struggles were with time and procrastination. I spent too much time in my head, and things slipped away. I came here seeking inspiration to create a balanced and abundant life.

Now, I am present, intentional, and ready to tackle it all. My affirmation resonates deeply—it's about making things happen.

Stacey McKay

Pure Abundance Retreat was a game-changer for me. It offered the perfect reset I needed post-COVID and boosted my confidence to new heights. The diverse community, travel experience, and safe environment for self-expression make it an absolute must for anyone seeking personal growth and connection.

Chantal Lamourelle

Patrina's vibration is out of this world, and I wanted to honor myself by being in the presence of such powerful women and finding my own center again. It had been over a decade since I did something just for myself, and this experience exceeded all my expectations.

Before the retreat, I struggled with setting aside time for self-care and truly valuing myself. I've always done a lot for others, but I needed to re-calibrate and understand the power and necessity of self-care for creating lifelong transformation.

Now, I am at peace, and I fully embrace my worth, beauty, and sensuality. I just feel amazing.

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