As women with busy lives and high productivity expectations, it’s not surprising that our task list, dictated or driven by the needs of others, becomes our priority. Although these actions are deemed admiral, it is essential for women to take the time needed to discover and satisfy both their wants and needs. Being enlightened and your mental health are intertwined. In a national survey, Americans cited the benefits of self-care as enhancing self-confidence by 64%, increasing productivity by 67%, and increasing happiness by 71%. Finding the right healing retreat destination is key to feeling restored. Whether it's in the lush jungle of Belize, the charming streets of Puerto Rico, or on a serene beach in Jamaica, these are some of the best destinations for women's retreats. If you're looking to find yourself again, and break through any feelings of being stuck, then take heed to these amazing locations. 

Healing Retreat Destinations for Women

Having the opportunity to step outside of your normal environment provides a space for transformation to occur, and realistically when you schedule what is important to you, you know it will get done. Self-care and wellness retreats should be added to your schedule. Sure,  there's nothing like the feeling of being on vacation in a place that just speaks to your soul and creates a space for enlightenment and an abundant outlook, but making time for wellness and self-care is an essential need as you explore living a more abundant, meaningful and thrilling life. Believe it - your life can absolutely be more than a daily feeling of being stagnant. You can have a joyful life filled with prosperity and all of the good things you desire. When you are ready to select the best healing retreat destination for you, consider the following locations. 


What’s not to love in this Caribbean locale in Central America? Not yet a main tourist destination, Belize has 500,000 yearly overnight visitors compared to Mexico’s 97 million. Covering more than half of the country, the lush jungles and pristine rainforests are something to enjoy. With 11 top-rated beaches, the rich marine life makes for an experience for those interested in snorkeling and diving. 

The people of Belize are known to be incredibly friendly, welcoming, and diverse. With eight different spoken languages (dialects included), the diversity and enrapturing environment compels you to create new memories and feel at home. Belize is a special and soulful place. Pure Abundance Retreat Host Patrina Wisdom says, “You are Belizean until proven otherwise.” Belize is the flagship destination for her wellness retreats for women and one that attendees love! 

Puerto Rico

Just 1,000 miles from Florida, Puerto Rico is another Caribbean paradise that is a part of the United States Territory, making it that much easier to travel to for U.S. citizens. No passport required. Ignored by many as a top destination until Hurricane Maria in 2017, many added Puerto Rico to their list of island spots for travel after the hurricane rebuild. With Spanish and American influences, Puerto Rico is known for its colorful architecture, a coastline filled with beautiful beaches, the exploration of kilometers of coral reefs, smooth salsa sounds, forests, and so much more. There are intimate beach and rainforest retreats off the beaten path that are perfect for a retreat. Engrossing oneself in the preserved natural beauty of PR will be your only feat while visiting. 


So much is to be appreciated on the 3rd largest Caribbean island, which is Jamaica. The birthplace of reggae music, Jamaica is known for the Blue Mountains and its coffee, unique waterfalls, jerk cuisine, luxurious resorts, and various coastline locations. From Montego Bay, Negril, Ochos Rios, or other unfamiliar but amazing locales, visitors of Jamaica have so much to select from and to discover. Be prepared to relax and calm the mind while there, allowing more of who you are to be awakened in such a special place full of culture and inspiration.


Interesting fact - Thailand is the only Southeast country of Asia not colonized by a European power. Authentic to its beginnings and a mecca of spirituality, Thailand offers a sacred space surrounded by temples, some of the world's best beaches, and untainted nature to be relished in. With 95% of Thais practicing Buddhists, meditation has a powerful presence throughout the country and is believed to be a way to achieve nirvana in the human form. This place, beyond a shadow of the doubt, is an ideal destination to awaken and maintain a life overflowing with pure abundance. Ready to book your flight?


If the world is a miraculous place, Morocco is an example of this truth. Located on the northwest corner of Africa, Morocco is the same size as California and is full of everything from amazing beaches, is near the Sahara desert, has a rich history, a diverse population of cultures, and is home to 4 imperial cities. With majestic mosques and over 30 of the best meditation and wellness retreats, Morocco’s surroundings naturally create room for you to be open to gain a sense of worthiness and make room for prosperity to be birthed. b’Saha!


The history of Greece is undeniable in its spiritual discovery and awareness for visitors. With many popular destinations (Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens), there is so much more to be uncovered in this southeastern European country. You could visit ten times and still not touch the surface of the stunning beaches alone. Liked and loved for superb food and drinks, the perfect Mediterranean weather, and the core place for religious journeys and spiritual experiences since ancient times, Greece clearly offers the vibrations for clarity and spirit-led experiences. Greece also offers several wellness retreats for women and those searching for more!

These destinations are just a handful of selections of ideal places to explore and experience a healing retreat and, most importantly, an enlightening space for transformation if your day-to-day life has become mundane, or if life is causing you to feel uncertain, or a desire for something new is impressing on your heart, learn more about the Pure Abundance Retreat™  offerings for a blend of reflection, self-care, transformation, and adventure. 

About the Author Patrina Wisdom

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